Telescope 3D Wooden Puzzle ST004

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ROKR Monocular Telescope 3D Wooden Puzzle ST004

This is an exquisite replica of the retro pirate telescope with beautiful imprints and equipped with an extensible tripod. Push and pull the 3 tubes and you can see objects magnified through the lens.

Product Specifications



ROKR Monocular telescope ST004 is a classic-style telescope model 3D wooden puzzle. This ROKR puzzle is designed with decorative leather & retro metal nameplate, adjustable tripod, and telescope lens barrel. The real sight distance is 150M (500ft). Building it with your own hands will be an experience for navigators and adventure lovers.

  • UNIQUE¬†GIFT & STYLISH DECOR: A huge unique hands-on gift for any DIY lover or any occasion like Christmas, Father's Day, or Birthday.¬†Luxury¬†interior decor¬†for¬†your room and office.
  • FEEL¬†THE¬†SENSE OF¬†FULFILLMENT:¬†Have fun in every DIY crafting from the building,¬†crafting, or¬†even re-decorating. It needs patience and¬†dexterity, but also produces pleasure!¬†
  • FAMILY FUN TOGETHER: The oversized¬†kit¬†takes more time than other wooden 3D puzzles. Build it with family or friends to share the fun! It would be amazing when you finish.

*Notes: Due to customs policy, the wax may not be included in the package. Wax: you could use ordinary candles, crayons, beeswax, etc.

 Three levels of adjustment of the cylinder wall, free to adjust the distance of the field of view

Separate structure, vintage telescopic bracket

Pirate flag mirror cover, experience the wild time in the Caribbean

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