Shooting Gun Game Glow in The Dark

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Shooting Gun Game Glow in The Dark

Shooting Targets for Nerf Guns --- Best toy for Kids Childhood


2022 most amazing shooting toy for kids!

It can help with child development, brainpower, memory, confidence, patience, socially and fosters creativity!

You can quickly take action a slam shooting party when you get our product.

Children can play alone to exercise the shooting skills. Or play with parents, it will be a wonderful parent-child Time.


2 Ways to enjoy Shooting Game:

Turn on the button to activate the floating ball shooting game or install the flip targets. Switch on the galactic soundtrack or not, it is up to you. Then enjoy yourself with family and friends!

Great Target Practice Toy:

Perfect floating target toys with targets that hover mid-air and ready to be shot down. Take your shooting skill to the next level by turn the knob to adjust the air stream and the hovering targets floating height. You would be the shooting expert soon!

Perfect Gift for Nerf Fans:

The best gift for your Nerf fan friends and family, they would love this special target practice as birthday gifts, Valentine's Day gift and other holiday gifts. Indulge yourself with your friends in this Nerf party!

Easy to play:

Grab your toy blaster gun to aim the 5 floating orbs. Shoot with green darts to knockdown all gun targets from up to a 20ft shooting range. Easy enough for kids over 6 years old, not to mention the big kids and adults!

Shooting target Game Kit Details:

Floating Ball Shooting Game Set includes 1 * target, 1 * blaster (for beginners), 10 * orbs, 3 * darts, and 1 * fluorescent sticker (to enable nighttime shooting). We are here for you if any problem.


This product comes with everything you need for the ultimate Nerf blasting extravaganza, i. Take your sniping skills to the next level with this aim-enhancing target practice set. Equipped with the included quick-access dart holder, attach your darts to your blaster in a heartbeat so you can get back to the game! It's time for target practice! Take aim at 5 floating orbs with the target which is made especially for Nerf bullets, and is compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite, Nerf Mega and Nerf Rival Series. You'll be a better marksman in no time! 

Need to be purchase 4* AA batteries separately


1 * target, 1 * blaster (for beginners), 10 * orbs, 3 * darts, and 1 * fluorescent sticker (to enable nighttime shooting)

Need to be purchase 4* AA batteries separately

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