Rolife Ferris Wheel

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Rolife Ferris Wheel 3D Wooden Puzzle Music Box TGN01

 Product Specifications


This is a Ferris Wheel DIY music box which could relax your mind and soul. It has a beautifully designed outlook with lovely tune 'Around The World 80 Days'.!


You are going to love this Rolife Ferris Wheel DIY music box. This beautifully designed 3D wooden puzzle offers you a smooth assembly experience that will reward your whole weekend. It's a great home decor and hands-on gift for kids & teens, especially girls.


  • UNIQUE¬†GIFT: This¬†DIY music box¬†3D wooden puzzle will be a¬†unique hands-on gift for any DIY lovers or any occasion like Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday. Easy to assemble with loads of fun.
  • EXQUISITE¬†DECOR: Beautiful designs make it an artistic home decor when finished. Wind up the spring and dance¬†to the beautiful tune playing.
  • REWARDING DIY:¬†Have fun in the relaxing DIY crafting. You will forget all the worries and pressure during the assembly. It needs patience and¬†dexterity, but not hard!¬†
  • *Notes:¬†Due to customs policy, the wax may not be included in the package. Wax: you could use ordinary candles, crayons, beeswax, etc.

Ferris Wheel Structure: Ferris Wheel structure

The Ferris wheel is composed of multiple wooden cabins, each finely carved to display a unique appearance. The cabins are connected by wooden supports, enhancing overall stability.

Rotating Shaft

The rotation of the Ferris wheel is driven by a central rotating shaft. This shaft is connected to the music box's internal gear components, ensuring a smooth rotation of the Ferris wheel during music playback.

 Music Generation Mechanism

The music box uses a winding mechanism to power the gears inside. As the spring releases energy, it drives a metal cylinder with raised pins that pluck the teeth of a comb-like structure, producing the melody.

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