Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll in Skirt

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Reborn Baby Doll in Skirt

Experience the magic of our Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll in Skirt. Crafted with fine workmanship, this silicone vinyl doll features soft and durable materials, acrylic eyes, and eyelashes. With its realistic features and cute design, its a perfect toy for playtime. This 22-inch baby girl can lay down, enter water, speak when squeezed gently and even stand on its own! Made with a cotton body and weighing just right for little ones to hold comfortably. Get yours at Topmarks Toy Shop - the biggest toy store with award-winning wooden toys and educational puzzles

Introducing our exquisite Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll in Skirt, a remarkable addition to any doll collector's repertoire. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from high-quality silicone material, this realistic baby doll brings an unparalleled level of authenticity. Its lifelike features include mesmerizing acrylic eyes, delicately crafted eyelashes, and a soft yet durable body that stands the test of time. With fine workmanship evident throughout every inch of its 22-inch frame, this cute toy captures the essence of a real baby girl effortlessly. This amazing simulation baby is not just for display purposes; it boasts interactive functionalities as well. Lay her down gently or let her stand tall with ease thanks to its flexible limbs and silicone vinyl construction. And don't be afraid to get playful – this resilient doll can even enter water without losing any charm or functionality. In addition to its visual appeal and durability, our reborn baby doll is also equipped with essential accessories such as a toy bottle and pacifier. These carefully designed add-ons enhance your little one's playtime experience while fostering creativity and nurturing skills - all provided by renowned learning toys brands like Topmarks Toy Shop, Magic Toy Sh, andnd Learning Curve Toys! Unleash the imagination with award-winning wooden toys from top-rated toy stores worldwide; this beautiful simulation baby will surely become an instant favorite among children everywhere!


  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Our Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll showcases fine workmanship and realistic features, making it a truly adorable and lifelike toy
  • Versatile Playtime Fun: This 22-inch baby doll is made of soft silicone vinyl with a cotton body, allowing your child to lay it down, enter water play or even make it speak and stand for endless imaginative adventures
  • Safe and Durable Materials: Made from high-quality silicone material, this reborn baby doll is not only soft but also durable, ensuring long-lasting playtime enjoyment without compromising safety
  • Complete Set for Realistic Caretaking Experience: With acrylic eyes, eyelashes, and accompanying toy bottle and pacifier included in the



Are you attracted by this 22" Beautiful Simulation Baby Girl Reborn Baby Doll in Skirt? It comes with a pacifier and a nursing bottle. As to this toy, it is in extraordinary uncanny workmanship with simulation baby look, based on safe and non-toxic silicone material. This baby toy is ultra soft and flexible to sit down or lay down. It can hardly stand or speak. Long eyelashes and bowknot hair comb make this baby toy extremely handsome. It will surely be your favorite. This baby toy is an ideal choice being as a present for others!


1. Come with a pacifier and a nursing bottle for helping baby toy with sweet sleep

2. High-end acrylic eyes, long eyelashes, charming and cool

3. Soft, durable and safe silicone material as well as fine workmanship

4. Simulation baby look, a cute toy for friends or families

5. It can sit down, lay down, but can't entering the water, speak and stand


1. Material: Silicone Vinyl & Cotton Body

2. Size: 22 inch

3. Gender: Baby Girl

4. Weight: 49.38 oz / 1400 g

Package Includes:

1 x Reborn Baby Doll

1 x Toy Bottle

1 x Pacifier

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