Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Digital Infrared Temperature Non-Contact Thermometer

Product Description: 

  • This special tiny design makes it small enough to store it in your handbag for carrying convenience. 
  • Comfortable grip handle. Buttons and the trigger are designed for one hand operation.
  • Intended with to measurement ear and forehead temperature at home or hospital.
  • Can fa-st read temperature within 1s and the accuracy can reach ±0.2°C (0.4° F) for correct reference. 
  • This baby thermometer supports show temperature in both °C and °F.


  • Basic parameters Model:HP-311 
  • Dimension:159*37*42mm 
  • Product Net Weight:115g 
  • Temperature:℃/℉ 
  • Temperature accuracy:0.1℃ 
  • Memory storage:99 groups of data 
  • Working environment requirements:15℃- 35℃;≤85%RH;70kPa-106kPa 
  • Environmental range:-20℃~+55℃;;≤85%RH;70kPa-106kPa 
  • Product lifetime:5 years 
  • Power supply:Battery 
  • Capacity: 500mAh (Built-in rechargeable non-removable lithium battery)
  • Charging :5V 1A 
  • Operating Voltage:DC 3.7V 
  • 2) Measurement Range BODY mode(body):32.0℃-- 42.9℃(89.6°F-109.4°F) OBJECT mode(Except the human body):0℃-100.0℃(32.0°F-212.0°F) Measuring distance range:5-10cm 
  • Automatic shutdown time:≤8s without any operation 
  • 3) Measurement accuracy 35℃-42℃(95℉-107.6℉):±0.2℃(32.36℉) <35℃: ±0.3℃(32.54℉) >42℃: ±0.3℃(32.54℉)

Package include:

  • 1 x Thermometer

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